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Eternal Power Sdn Bhd 199501013102 (342303-D)

Eternal Power Sdn Bhd was originally co-founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan by a group of professionals from various fields of expertise. In 1995, the chairman Mr. Chang Fang Chang, set up a factory in Kedah; Malaysia’s main speaker monomer manufacturing town. The company has since been developing leading edge papermaking technology, mold research and development capabilities, and assembly machinery and equipment capabilities to solidify its place in the audio industry as a leading manufacturer of cone paper. Eternal Power’s focus is not only the manufacture of cone paper, but also to create quality sound. Through the introduction of cone paper SPL and energy divergence mode test equipment, our research and development department are able to focus on the development of sound quality control technology and products. Eternal Power Sdn Bhd not only pursues product excellence, but also focuses on environmental protection. The company established a wastewater recycling system in 2010, reducing water consumption by 87.8% (77,760m3) per year, and installed a solar power system in 2020 to provide 28% of the factory’s current electricity requirements. This has reduced our annual carbon emissions by 375 tons. Currently our R&D department is developing alternative materials for pulp, hoping to reduce the amount of pulp required in our manufacturing process to further reduce the felling of trees.